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Sell-Side Advisory

In a sell-side transaction, the owners are ready to go to market fairly quickly, if not immediately. Since a business represents the culmination of years of effort by the owner, its management team and staff, it is absolutely critical to meet one’s goals for sale at the best possible price and strategic fit. For this to happen, there has to be the right chemistry between the owner and buyer. While the owner knows best how to run the business, it is the responsibility of the M&A advisor to oversee the process to a successful transition.

CitiusMA can help you pass on your legacy to the right buyer—one who offers the best price and will also follow the principles upon which your company was built.

Exit Planning Advisory

The Exit Planning process is often “put off” by most business owners who are already overwhelmed with running their operations. In fact, most don’t really understand what they need to do to prepare for a successful exit. At CitiusMA we help business owners make sure that their exit planning objectives meet their liquidity needs to reach their present and ongoing financial obligations and needs.

Business Advisory

Growing a company requires sound planning and proper financial management. Additionally, companies must be agile amidst changing market conditions and decisive as new opportunities emerge. CitiusMA provides advice and sound support to help business owners understand and plan for the costs associated with growing their company.


How many business owners know what their company is worth? Very few. And even if they think they know, their estimates are based on unrealistic expectations as opposed to the true value-drivers of the business. In order to know what your business is worth and if it will meet your liquidity needs, you must first have to know its worth. The process begins with having a clear understanding of the value of your business.

CitiusMA offers valuation services for lower Middle Market companies between $5 and $25 MM in revenue.