Our Process


Discuss liquidity needs and exit objectives of owner. Develop an understanding of the company’s operations and competitive position.

1 - 2 WEEKS


Analyze Company’s historical financial performance and identify potential weaknesses and assess any business risk.

1 - 2 WEEKS


Prepare detailed valuation analysis to arrive at a value range for the Company.

1 - 2 WEEKS

Marketing Preparation

Develop market overview, outline competition and trends. Review market strategy and prepare and finalize Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) Finalize list of potential buyers/ investors and analysis of synergistic opportunities.

2 - 3 WEEKS

Marketing Execution

Distribute “Invitation to Acquire” to potential buyers/ investors. Executed email marketing campaign. Execute confidentiality agreements and mange buyer inquires.

4 - 6 WEEKS

Buyer Due Diligence

Assist in evaluating letters of interest and provide feedback relative to owner objectives. Conduct reverse due diligence on potential buyer/ investor and analyze buyer/investor financial capacity to close transaction.

4 - 6 WEEKS


Review and evaluate final proposals and formulate negotiation strategy. Work with owner’s legal counsel to finalize definitive agreements. Prepare for due diligence.

4 - 8 WEEKS

Closing the Transaction

Manage final due diligence outstanding item. Ensure timely follow through and settlement of any Post-closing obligations.

2 - 4 WEEKS