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Experienced, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy

Exiting a business is a complex endeavor. Most business owners have very little experience or knowledge regarding the rigorous process that is involved. Often times many owners either sell their business for a value that’s too low or negotiate themselves out of a deal. Today’s market is highly competitive, buyers are highly – skilled and experienced with unlimited access to industry data. It would be unwise for a business owner to go to market without an experienced M&A Advisor, who can protect the legacy that you’ve built.

At CitiusMA we have developed a systematic sales process which helps maintain confidentiality, minimizes the time a business is on the market and maximizes its visibility. As a boutique firm that is committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients’ firms, we are highly engaged, responsive and able to quickly assess the needs of our lower middle market companies to ensure the best possible liquidity solution.

our Commitment

Most owners sell their companies as part of a once-in-a-lifetime event and because the company usually makes up a large percentage of the owner’s net worth, it is extremely important to get it right the first time. At CitiusMA, we will work with you to ensure that the sale of your company meets your financial and legacy goals.

CitiusMA 3 C’s :

  • 1. Conflict Free Representation : We are “Sell-Side” Advisors. We sit side-by-side with your other trusted advisors working with them on a team approach to help you reach your strategic goals.
  • 2. Customized Marketing Strategy : Our customized marketing approach helps to:
    • Minimize selling time on the market
    • Maintain confidentiality
    • Maximize visibility and expand the buyer pool
  • 3. Commitment to Client Success : We limit ourselves to just a select few engagements annually so that we can work with those companies that possess synergistic core values. This ensure the best fit for our client companies and helps them successful transition in a healthy and natural timeframe.